Winter road maintenance offers many challenges to snow removal professionals. Roads and parking lots must be cleared quickly while remaining free from damage. Obstacles such as curbs and medians to speed bumps and manhole covers are susceptible to damage with traditional steel snow plow blades.

Ice Edge polyurethane snow plow blades offer an alternative to steel blades. Our Ice edge snow plow blades have been designed and engineered to be flexible enough to absorb impacts from common road hazards while remaining durable enough to handle all the stresses that a steel blade can.

The Ice Edge Advantage:

  • Custom fit – Our Ice Edge snow plow blades are custom made to fit any make or model as well as any bolt pattern.
  • Wear Resistant – Polyurethane snow plow blades have comparable wear to typical steel blades and last 7 – 10 times longer than rubber blades.
  • Quiet in Operation – Ice Edge snow plow blades are much quieter compared to steel blades making them ideal for use during early mornings while plowing in residential areas or close to hospitals.
  • Flexible – Our Ice Edge snow plow blades are flexible enough to glide over manhole covers, speed bumps, or any other road hazard you may encounter. They are also ideal for use on sealed parking lots.
  • Lightweight – Ice Edge snow plow blades are up to 70% lighter than regular steel blades making them much easier to change when worn out.
  • Reduced Equipment Wear – Polyurethane snow plow blades help to absorb road impacts therefore preventing equipment damage and reducing driver fatigue.
  • Reduce Waste – Polyurethane blades eliminate metal shavings that are produced when using steel scraper blades.