The production of deviated, heavy oil, directional and high sand content wells are operations where high performance is expected from both crews and equipment.

The Tuff-Kote line of sucker rod couplers and tubing collars is a high performance product engineered by oilfield professionals and progressive cavity pumping specialists to minimize rod coupler and tubing wear.

Tuff-Kote couplers are polyurethane or rubber coated to minimize tubing wear in operating wells. Tuff-Kote durability and reliability are the result of:

  • Using only premium quality elastomers which maximize abrasion resistance, cut and tear strength and chemical resistance.
  • The use of high quality API rolled thread steel couplers.
  • Stringent quality control in our 8-step manufacturing process.
  • An exclusive bonding procedure that ensures maximum pli strength by using a combination of chemical and mechanical processes.